Social groups

Discover our offer for specific groups: social, medico-social and judicial sectors.


The Centre des Monuments Nationaux's activities for social groups are developed throughout the year, in particular through its involvement in the "Living Together" mission, a partnership with the Cultures du Cœur association and annual participation in the national event Les Portes du Temps, which became C'est mon Patrimoine! in 2017.

In addition to these initiatives, the Arc de Triomphe is also involved in partnerships with other national organisations working to help people in social difficulty.

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The visit offer

The Arc de Triomphe offers tours and activities tailored to specific audiences and is ready to welcome visitors from all backgrounds, offering various forms of mediation to help them get the most out of their visit.

Awareness-raising visits

We regularly organise free awareness-raising visits for social workers. These events, known as "Public Thursdays", give you a chance to prepare for the self-guided tour and come back with your group, while discovering the themes of our lecture tours and workshops, which can be held at the monument or off-site at your organisation. 

For further information or to register, email (up to 2 relays per organisation).

Self-guided tours

Discover the monument at your own pace! The Arc de Triomphe welcomes you and your group for self-guided tours all year round.

Educational activities

Would you like to take part in a lecture tour or workshop ? The cultural and educational service teams are on hand to suggest an activity or to build a project together, within the monument or outside the walls at your facility. Contact us!


Our rates for specific groups

Awareness-raising visit for up to 2 relays per structureFree
Self-guided tour for 7 to 35 participants20 €
Lecture tour from 7 to 35 participants40 €
Workshop at the monument or outside the walls from 7 to 25 participants60 €
Remote guided tour for up to 35 participants40 €
A charge of €14.50 per person applies for each additional accompanying person taking part in these activities.

Book your visit

For all bookings, please send your completed booking request only to:

Self-Guided Visits - Booking Request

Reservation request - Self-guided tours

PDF (377.28 kB)

Educational Activities - Booking Request

Booking request - Educational activities

PDF (311.83 kB)


Prepare your visit

Educational packs

Discover the various educational resources available to help you prepare for your visit. Download your theme packs below!

Arc de triomphe - Dossier pédagogique.

Learning Resource - The Arc de Triomphe

Visit sheet

PDF (6.18 MB)


Learning Resource - The Unknown Soldier

Thematic files

PDF (4.62 MB)


Learning Resource - The Sculpted Decorations

PDF (9.59 MB)


Learning resource - Victor Hugo and the monument

PDF (6.52 MB)


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