Visitors with disabilities

Discover all the services and offers for visitors with disabilities.

Around your visit

Get your tickets

No need to book in advance! Just turn up at the ticket office on the day of your visit with your proof of entitlement to free priority access to the monument with your companion.

Admission to the monument is free for disabled persons and their companions, upon presentation of valid proof (valid Mobility and Inclusion card for the French public issued by the CDAPH (or foreign equivalent)).

The mobility and inclusion card (CMI) with "priority" mention only, as well as the parking card, do not give the right to free travel.

Adapted tours

Whether they come as individuals or in groups, for a self-guided or supervised visit, visitors with disabilities can be offered, depending on their disability and the facilities provided, a dedicated and adapted service that meets their needs.

Devices to help visitors

Devices to help visitors understand and learn about the monument and to improve the quality of their visit are presented in the tour of the monument.

Book your visit

For all group bookings (from 7 to 35 people), please send your booking request (download below) to: or

  • Self-Guided Visits - Booking Request

    Booking Request - Self-Guided Visits

    PDF (377.28 kB)

  • Educational Activities - Booking Request

    Booking Request - Educational Activities

    PDF (311.83 kB)

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